Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tamnak Thai

(All dressed up...I'm good to go....)

The choice was between eating Chinese, Indian or something else. By the time I was dressed(look above), we'd still not decided where to go. Finally, we decided on Thai food and the easiest and most convenient to reach was Tamnak Thai, Shivaji Park, Dadar (West).

(Red....for hot.....for Thai)

The red glaring words announced our arrival at the abode of Thai food. This restaurant has a valet parking so you can sit back, enjoy your food without worrying about parking space or towing away! handing our car keys we casually strolled in.

The restaurant had a nice calm to it. The ambiance was in the colour scheme of brown and tan. The seemingly earthy colours got a new life from the authentic and some unconventional decoration pieces. They had a cabinet full of Chinese/South Asian looking vases and memorabilia.I absolutely loved them. Then there was the big Ganesha idol perched on a wooden half-pillar that infused colour and Indian-ness to the Thai place. But the most stunning decoration certainly was the wine display!!

(Their collection of wines.....take your pick!)

Yes, doesn't that^ look stunning. The wines greet you as soon as you enter the restaurant. I'm not much of drinker, and hence the sparse knowledge about wines. But judging from the speed with which wines were being ordered, i guessed they did have a good collection!

The restaurant has two levels. The lower level and the upper level. If you care to share some private moments, the higher level is suggested. But if dim lights are not your preference and you'd not mind overlooking the road , then take a seat at the lower level. When we arrived the restaurant was quite empty. We choose to sit on the upper level (which is just a step higher than the lower :P) on a corner table. We commented that the seating area was huge, until we realized that the wall behind us had mirrors!!

Each table was covered with a white table cloth. The chairs were comfortable with a low back support. On each table, gracefully set is a candle votive, an orchid stem in a stark white vase and white salt and pepper shakers. The candle and the orchid make it totally romantic, while the clanking of cutlery and the soft talks creative a conducive environment for a casual business dinner, family dinner or a social gathering.

The staff was friendly and guided us well while placing our order. Most people were beginning their meals with wine/mocktails or other drinks. But we decided to go for a soup instead, while my uncle ordered a drink. We ordered a crab and bamboo shoot soup. The soup was served in a mug like bowl which had two ears, and hence no need to drink the same with a soup spoon. But we realized that a little too late and started sipping with a table spoon :P The soup was a clear soup and boiling hot. The crab was succulent, the bamboo crisp but the ginger pieces were too big and overpowered all the other flavours. Had it not been for the ginger-overdose, I'd have loved the soup!

With the soup we ordered a chicken dish with broccoli(appetizer). The chicken was tender, the broccoli was crunchy, the thick accompanying red gravy was spicy and tangy. All in all a very well prepared and presented dish.

For main course we ordered fish(pomphret) in green sauce (as we needed something less spicy) and vegetable fried rice. The restaurant staff suggested ordering plain rice so that we can enjoy the green curry without altering the taste. But we decided to go with the vegetable rice as it added more flavour. Our choice was right. The vegetable fried rice was nicely flavoured though less spicy. The pomphret in green sauce was creamy and very well prepared. By the time we were through with our meal, we just had enough space left for dessert!

We ordered a caramel pudding and a coconut pudding. The coconut custard was huge! Cut into 4 rectangles, it was enough to suffice three, not do hungry diners who have a slight craving for dessert. The coconut pudding was too coconuty, so unless you like coconut, do not order this. Also, it was heavy on the stomach and calories. The caramel pudding was a winner! The custard had the perfect juggle, while the caramel was not bitter, yet brown and thick!

We wound up our meal in about 1.5 hours. Not because the service was slow, but because we really liked sitting there, savouring each bite and each sip. By the time we paid up and left, the place was nearly full, that too on a Friday night. That just speaks for the crowds that they usually get. So I suppose if you're planning to drop by at Tamnak Thai on a Saturday or Sunday, it's advisable you book your table in advance.

The place is expensive. A meal for three with one drink, one soup, one appetizer, one curry, one rice, 2 dessert and 'tipping' cost us about Rs. 2,600/- which comes to about Rs. 866/- per person, which certainly is a rare indulgence.

Ambiance : 8/10
Soup: 6/10
Appetizers: 9/10
Main Course: 9/10
Staff: 8/10
Dessert: 7/10
Pricing: 6/10

PS - you can save a few bucks by heading to Natural's ice cream, right next to Tamnak Thai for natural dessert! :)

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