Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wich Latte

Small, but packed with yummy treats!

(Turkey Lindsey Sandwich! My fav!)

Wich Latte; my first memory of it was while shoe-shopping at Bata. I almost missed this place-until a friend called, we exchanged our specific locations and I told her to meet me outside Bata. We bear-hugged and she animatedly told me about a strange sounding café, no more than a few days old. I examined this new café-the dark looking interiors- and wondered if their coffees were prepared in a witch's concoction pot! The thought was daunting. We gave it a miss, but the interest remained.

Within a week's time I found myself on a cozy corner table at Wich Latte with a friend. We were mingling with the staff and letting the coffee and conversation flow easy. That is the effect the dark interiors and the friendly staff have on you. I've been to this place about 5 times over the last two years. There have been some changes, but only for the good.

(Behaving myself while waiting for the order....)
What is commendable-
  1. The variety of wiches they offer – bagel, veggie, turkey, beef, chicken alongwith the choice of bread/bagels viz. plain, wheat, sesame, poppy seed etc. 
  2. The side-orders – salads (Caesar salad is a must have!) and fries (curly or spicy, though the quantity is quite less).
  3. They offer pastas and pizzas too. However I'm yet to try them and probably would never try then as I'm in love with the wiches.
  4. The ambiance is laid back and makes for a perfect chilling out joint. The last time I went there was with my friends on a Sunday afternoon at 4PM. We were do with the eating and drinking at 6PM and sat there till 7PM. Not even once did the staff tell us to buzz off! That totally won me over!
  5. The staff is friendly, co-operative and generous (I've heard they give free cakes if its your birthday).
  6. The music can be loud sometimes and drowns the conversation, but the selection they play is always good.
  7. The notice-cum-feedback board is casual, funny and informative.
  8. The staff takes the pain to read most of the feedback they get online and offline. The management goes a step further to respond to the feedback.
  9. They have opened outlets at Fort and Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.
  10. The Colaba outlet provides Home Delivery too apart from take away and sit-down options!
  11. They were awarded the Best new café award by
(Preeti Bhandarkar at her hungry best!!)

What can be improved-
  1. For a place named wich latte, the quality of coffee/Ice Tea is way below what a customer would expect. The milk used in the coffee tastes burnt and the iced tea (especially lemon) is way too sweet. I understand that there main foray is into the sandwich market, but there is nothing better than a good coffee/drink to go with a yummy sandwich!
  2. The portions of fries should be increased.
  3. I found the wiches slightly expensive-but maybe that's just a one-sided view- perhaps the ingredients are costly and hence the price justification. 
  4. More topping options for hot dogs would be nice!
  5. Home Delivery should be started from their Phoenix Mills outlet.
  6. The cakes/pastry seemed a little dry. We tried a chocolate based dessert (I do not recollect the name). I'm not sure if the same was stale or was the dry texture intentional and integral to that dessert.
  7. The Colaba outlet is too small. They have tried to maximize the seating by using pub like high wooden chairs and tables in some dark wood. Sometimes the wait for the seat can be a turn off for the hungry customers.
  8. The bathroom in the Colaba outlet needs a makeover. The last time I used it, the toilet paper roll was soaked and the bathroom was in general a little dirty, especially with sprinkled and tinkled toilet-seat! (However, just the fact that this small eatery has a bathroom is a welcome relief especially for girls!)

(Preeti and Priti at Wich Latte)

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Variety: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5

 TIP: Go here post Lunch to chillout! That's when the crowds are minimum and the satisfaction is maximum :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beware ...its 210 degrees HOT!

A Vegetarian's delite!
-Preeti Datar

210 isn't just a pastry shop for me. It's been a part of my life in celebration, in boredom and in uplift during my low moments. A hop, skip and jump away from my college, this is a true collegians breakfast paradise and officer-goers gluttony. At 210 degrees, the ovens are HOT and the preparations are HOTTER still!

Photo of the 210 pastry we picked for Radhika on her birthday!

Every cake that we get in the office to celebrate colleagues birthdays, CA results etc are without doubt from 210. Reason being the cakes and bakery products here are 100% vegetarian, the variety offered is mind-boggling and the prices are affordable. The cakes and pastries here are clubbed under 3 categories viz regular, dressy and premium. The prices range between Rs. 45 per piece to Rs. 75 per piece.

210 makes fresh bakery products every morning. The croissants, quiches, rolls, toasts, muffins, breads etc are soft and fluffy and full of flavour. Though I personally think some of their offerings like the chocolates, certain rolls & breads and puffs are not worth the price.

The seating is out-doorsy and the mornings and evenings are quite crowded. Most of the bakery products finish by evening, but luckily pastries come to our rescue after a hectic day at work!

 A birthday cake for an office collegaue from 210!

I've been visiting this place for the last 5 years now. The innovations in terms of flavours, the changes in seating and the upward revision of prices, I've seen them all. I also shamelessly boast of having tried 90% of their pastries! Despite of beign a non-vegetarian I swear by this place when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth.

 Sweet tooth-ed in Office!210 to our rescue!! (Rachit & Me)

Variety: 4.5/5
Pastries: 4/5
Bakery Items: 3.5/5
Prices: 4/5

TIP: Go here for a quick breakfast or a cuppa coffee and snacks in the evening!

  Sweet tooth-ed in 210!! (Tanu & Me/Photo by Radhika)
PS: As I finished typing this, I've already planned on going to 210 in the evening before the budget seminar, come comfort before the uncomfortable territory of budget ;)


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