Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy BUN Day

Suddenly bread is the new cake and it is chic to be baking a fresh loaf or fluffy buns.

I remember visitng the Wibbs White Bread Factory at Vishakhapatanam back in 1996 from s school trip. The whole process of baking bread fascinated me. While people only talk about the wholesome smell of freshly baked bread, I even pride in the punch of yeasty dough.

My happy snacky memories revolved around eating bresh white bread with amul butter, enjoying bread with sugar & malai, a basic grilled cheese sandwish or jam bread.

A couple of years later, mom made her first home made batch of buns, breads, stuffed buns, dinner rolls and it left me wanting more. Finally a good 10 years later I baked my own batch of buns with moms recipe. I even taught a friend along my experimental Happy Bun Day.

I used maida, dry solid yeast, little baking powder, salt and warm water for the dough. For the stuffing i used the all time favourite grated tinned cheese, onion and capsicum.  A slight challenge was ensuring the stuffing get evenly coated with dough. However, the buns turned out better than I expected.


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