Friday, July 11, 2008

Hide & Seek - Mint, Orange & Coffee!

I walked into a superstore and surprise, surprise! - my very own Hide & Seek was available in two new flavours! :D





hold your breath...

COFFEE HIde & Seek.... yummyyyyyyy

I instantly grabbed the Coffee one! :P Reaching back home, the first thing I did was to take a bite of the coffee heaven with embedded choco chips!!

The biscuit tasted weird. The texture was too grainy and a little over bitter even for a coffee freak like me! The coffee taste overpowered the sweet taste of choco chips. The biscuit did not melt sinfully in my mouth like the basic Hide & Seek does.

Ordinarily I'd crave to finish off the whole packet alone and not share even one biscuit with anyone, but this timeI'd had enough after just three biscuits. Frankly, this flavour isn't for me. And I dare not try the mint flavour cause mint and chocolate together is so uncool! Maybe I can experiment with Orange, who knows it may just win me over! Tate buds can act in queer ways, you know!

I'd suggest the manufacturers of Hide & Seek to stick with their winning formula and not unnecessarily diversify. We love the biscuit just the way it is!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sahibaan, the Sizzler place

We gave in to our growling stomach and randomly decided upon Sahibaan (Turner Road, Bandra) to pamper us! It was my cousin's treat and that felt even better! :P

The restaurant has two levels of seating and is jam packed on most days and on weekends be prepared to wait for atleast 30 minutes before you get a seat. The fare they offer is very different. The cuisine is mainly oriental, and bubbling with sizzler dishes. If you find something on eevery table here, apart from the cutlery, it's sizzler!!

There is a great variety in starters and sizzlers in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian category. The drinks are basic like juices, iced tea (most popular), soft drinks etc. The iced tea costs Rs. 35 (lemon and peach flavour) and one iced tea comes free with every sizzler. Puddings are just two and three including caramel custard which apprently is very good, but we were too full to dig it.

We were four big eaters and we ordered three sizzlers - fish sizzler (with rice), two chicken sizzlers (with noodles) and 3 more ice teas apart from the three that came free with the sizzlers! I usually like peach iced tea more, but the lemon one is definitely a better choice at Sahibaan.

Three sizzlers were more than enough for us, but two would have been a tab bit less! The fish sizzler was superb, but nothing to beat the chicken sizzler. Also, noodles should be chosen over rice, for the burnt taste accompanying noodles is bliss!!

Non-veg sizzles cost between 135-225 bucks. A meal for four will cost about RS. 400. I'l definitely going there again...and this time i'll try the caramel custard also! It's worth a visit and it'll keep you coming back for more!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Food Riot at "MELA, Worli"


Located in Worli, opposite Love Grove, this restaurant and bar definitely has one of the most interesting d├ęcor that I have seen. This restaurant and bar is great for chilled out meal after a walk on Worli Sea Face.


The name ‘Mela’ meaning ‘fun fair’ is apt. The logo, a colourful paper wind-wheel, is a perfect start to the surprises to come.

As you enter the restaurant gate, a well maintained garden with a mini-turbine model wins you over. The bar overlooks this garden. Being a tee-totaller, I was hardly interested in the bar and the drinks on offer. But it did look cozy and inviting!

A narrow corridor decorated with colourful kites leads to the main seating area. The restaurant is done up in true Indian Mela style. True to its style, the restaurant has a magician (20-30 tricks for Rs. 350/- only and the option to buy tricks from him!), astrologer, mehendi and much more to keep the hungry guests occupied. The walls are colourful, with one wall painted with a bus brimming with people. The central pillar even has a clock tower! Overall the ambience is cozy and very inviting; the riot of colours does not distract, but adds to this replica of a Mela.

Food & Drinks

The restaurant is famous for kebabs. There are 5-6 varieties of kebabs to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs. Kebabs are served with green pudina chutney which is too mild for an average Indian’s taste. We ordered a mixed vegetarian and a mixed non-vegetarian kebab platter along with a tandoori chicken platter. Both the platters offered ample variety, but the tandoori chicken platter was a disappointment as the chicken was half cooked.

One can choose from a variety of drinks – soft drinks, hard drinks, cocktails, mocktails etc. We sampled only the mocktails as they had some exotic combinations like a mocktails with papaya, pineapple and ginger! Mocktails cost Rs. 100 and up, which I thought was quite decent.

The mocktails and kebabs were very heavy, yet we opted for a varied main course – Dal/Khichadi, Butter Chicken, Prawns Biryani and Butter Nan. The biryani was on the oilier side, but the prawns were very well cooked and soaked in flavour of the assorted spices. The Butter Nan was piping hot; the Dal/khichadi had a very unique and sumptuous taste, while the butter chicken was quite ordinary.

The food is heavy and we did without any dessert. A meal for 10 cost us about Rs. 4500 (excl dessert and hard drinks). The magician kept us entertained and I was so rapt that I jerked and pointed my finger at the magician saying, ‘how’d you do that!’ while accidentally tripping the Pinacolado mocktail glass as I did so!

After thoughts

Mela is worth a one time splurge! I’ve heard that their buffets are out of the world, so maybe I’ll try that next time around! Overall the drinks are well prepared and presented, kebabs were succulent (except the hard-cooker tandoori chicken platter), the main course has its own pros and cons. Dal/Khichadi highly recommended!


Drinks: 9/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Affordability: 8/10
Food: 7/10


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