Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tacos - a mexican treat

Tacos is a traditional mexican treat made of maize/wheat flour filled with vegetable, meat stuffing and served with salad or salsa. I do not quite remember when I heard about tacos. Perhaps it was while I ate tortillas with cheese dip at Creme Centre, Bandra that I googled up for tortillas and in the process stumbled upon another mexican treat, TACOS!

I like to experiment with food, but somehow I never found tacos on the menu card of most restraunts I had been to. Even if I did, the people dinign with me weren't quite experimental. About a month back a senior of mine in office told me about her delicious dinner of home-made tacos. I immediately took down the recipe for the taco shells and the rajma stuffing (kidney beans in tomato).

Realizing that taco shells were no easy task, I kept delaying 'when to try making tacos', until I found ready-to-stuff taco shells at a nearby departmental store. Delighted, I indulged in some mexican culinary treat for sunday's dinner.

(A packet of 10 small-size hard taco shells, ready to be stuffed : Rs. 30/- only)

(The stuffing: rajma(kidney beans) in tomato gravy, grated cheese with pepper and cabbage shreds)

(Tacos, ready to be savoured: Layer one- cabbage; Layer two- rajma in tomato gravy; Layer three- Cheese and pepper)

(Stuffed Taco, up, close and personal)

I wondered if vegetarian taco turned out to be this delicious, how'd the non-vegetarian be? That's next on my what-cooking/dish-to-try-out list!
Incase you do not get ready-made taco shells, you can make your own! For recipe of HARD TACO SHELLs & RAJMA STUFFING, go here--->
Though, I used a different recipe for the rajma stuffing, after all what suits your taste buds is what you should cook, why always follow cookbooks blindly?!


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