Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pizzeria - Pizza & Pasta by the Bay....

For all of the four years that I've been in Mumbai, I've been passing By Pizzeria and Jazz by the Bay, whiffing the delicious smell of freshly baked pizzas and vowing to go there for dinner at the earliest. Ankit owes me a treat there, but I always wondered when that'll happen and if it'll ever happen! :P After a four year wait, on I met Pizzeria and Pizzeria met me!

Here's what I think about the place, ambiance, food, music, crowd and pricing-

  1. Drinks: We were four of us, Uncle, aunty, my cousin and me. Each of us ordered a drink - one fresh lime soda(Rs. 45), one coke(Rs. 40), two mocktails of Rs. 85/- each viz. Bahama Mama ( Guava, mint and orange juice) and Alice in Wonderland (Cranberry nectar, pineapple juice and watermelon syrup). A comment on fresh lime soda and coke isn't necessary. But the mocktails were quite good, especially the Bahama Mama ( choice!). The Guava and mint, both strong flavours, contrasted beautifully to create this memorable mocktail. Alice in the Wonderland was on the sweeter side and I left a sweet after taste. There are just four other mocktails to choose from, luckily, each carry a description of ingredients, so make your choice wisely!

  2. Pasta: We ordered one Pasta (Pasta Alla Pizzeria containing chicken, bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes in a creamy tomato sauce - Rs. 275/-) .We contemplated ordering another medium size pizza, but the two main course dishes sufficed. The pasta was tasteful, with the right amount of spice and sauce while the sun-dried tomatoes created a delicious burst in the mouth. The quantity was meagre, but the taste made up for it!

  3. Pizza: The 12" Large Pizza (Super Supreme - Rs. 485/-) took about 45 minutes to bake and serve. The wait was killing especially when the slight wind was whooshing into our ears amidst the soft music and quite a bit of chatter. The sights and smells furthered the hunger. The pizza was cut into 8 pieces and each of us enjoyed 2 pieces each. It had all my favourite toppings- sausage, chicken, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple and extra topping of olives. I thoroughly enjoyed how the texture and taste of tangy olives, succulent mushrooms & sausage and the oddity of pineapple sweetness played with my sense of taste. I was the only one who enjoyed the pineapple topping, hence the good fortune of more flavour play in every bite of mine! I'd have liked another slice, but gulping down a glass of water I realized that the two P's were rather filling. There is ample choice in Pizza especially with make-your-own-topping being the most popular. However, one drawback is the non-interchangeability of pizza base. Suppose Meat Ultimo Pizza (pepperoni, sausage, pork, Italian herbs and seasoning) is available as a topping on stuffed crust. I prefer a basic crust and request the staff to swap the stuffed crust for a basic one while keeping the Meat Ultimo topping. Instead of allowing such whims of the customers, the staff refuses to do so. The only reason I could think us was that certain base maybe suitable for certain topping. But then again I suppose this drawback costs them big cash!

  4. Dessert: OK. I firmly believe that my stomach has compartments for every kind of food. In my case, the one for the dessert seems to be the largest! We ordered brownie with ice cream (Rs. 95) and Apple pie with ice cream (Rs. 95). The brownie was too dry, maybe even stale. The apple pie had too much cardamom and tasted better without ice cream. So I'd suggest ordering an apple pie or better still heading to Baskin Robbins, Naturals or K. Rustoms for dessert.
  5. Pricing: The total bill was Rs. 1200/- inclusive of taxes. It works out to Rs. 400/- per person (drinks, main course and dessert). For a killer view it offers, and the fabulous food, it is totally worth-it!
  6. Seating: The seating space is ample with round tables for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. The table tops are hassle free with green/red check table cloth sealed between the transparent plastic tables tops and hence the stain free maintenance. Each table overlooking the street certainly has a better view of the Bay. In rush hour, the crowds are crazy and hence a reservation is advisable. We had to wait for nearly 1-hour as opposed to the no more 30-minutes wait that we the staff promised. If possible as for a table over-looking the Arabian sea for the sheer view, breeze and joy that comes with it.
  7. Service: The staff is jovial and well versed with the menu. They help you with the quantity to order and the pasta/pizza to suit your palette. But in the peak-hours, the staff does not respond to the calls of the customers or delays the same. Further, the pizza takes too long to be baked and served. The taste is authentic, but a shorter wait will only please the hungry customers. Also, they insist on you filling out the feedback form. I filled it up, in slightly excess details, but it was only for their betterment.
  8. Crowd: The crowd is mostly young. But it is a total family place and you'll also find several large and small families enjoying the dinner and the view. If you do not enjoy noisy places, or chaotic places, give Pizzeria a miss on weekends.
  9. I've heard that they serve a delectable lunch buffet. They also serve Gnocchi(Italian name for a variety of thick, soft noodle or dumpling served with varied toppings-wikigyan) and Risotto(rich and creamy, traditional Italian rice dish-wikigyan) So that's next on my agenda apart from stuffed crust pizza and Bahama Mama cocktail!
  10. NOTE:
  • For home delivery Contact No. 22856115/22820883
  • You can see how your Pizzas are made, just ask the Manager to give you a mini-tour.


Vistrit said...

been there TWICE...n liked both the experiences!! it's a very chilled out place...:D!

Preeti Datar said...

Thanks radz. I love it too, despite the slow-ish service!


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