Friday, April 5, 2013

Lagerbay, Waterfield Road, Bandra

Lagerbay located at Bandra was on my yet-to-try list for far too long.  On a random Thursday night me and a couple of friends ended up here to catch up over a beer or two.   Needles to say the choice was good.

A doze of food, music and booze!
Lagerbay has a feel of an old world pub yet the choice of the music they play makes it lively.   Also, the wall decorations are really fabulous.

Quirky collectibles lining the walls

At Lageybay, you can choose to sit at the high stool by the bar,  regular wooden chairs with tables (some with funky table tops!) or lounge on the sofas.   Irrespective of where you sit,  you won't be far away from a TV - and that my friend is a Brownie point for Lagerbay given that IPL 6 has just begun.

Piano table - at the far end of Lagerbay

The place was quite full for a week night (thursday) but not bursting at the seams.  While the staff is plenty,  they seem to disappear and one has to wait alot to place their order.

We were about 7 of us and our order comprised of:

1) Chilli potato - this dish was very well prepared with the right amount of heat and tanginess to the potatoes, also the potato was neither to crisp nor limp!  

2) Parmesan crusted grilled chicken - the chicken was tender yet crusty on the outside, the sauce could have had a little more heat,  it was sweeter than I liked. The mashed potatoes on the side and grilled vegetables made this dish wholesome.
Parmesan crusted grilled chicken

3) Veg lasagne - though my friends liked this dish,  I found it passable. 

4) Chicken quesedila - quantity was too less, also the quesedila could do with more stuffing but it was awesomely buttery and crisp. 

5) Tiramisu - milky and lacking balance of flavours,  the cake was too little and coffee was light.
too milky!

6) Lava cake with vanilla ice cream - eggy! Even dominoes does better! 

too eggy!

7) Hazelnut chocolate mousse cake - the saviour and delicious! 

by far the best dessert
8) Chicken burger with fries on the side - I didn't taste it but they are supposed to be good at burgers.

Overall a mixed bag for food!

Other than the food we ordered a mixed bag of beer and cocktails. The cocktails looked plain yet were refreshing.   The beer menu was expansive and did not disappoint.  

The damages were INR 7,000.

Overall an expensive place but the ambiance won me over and of course,  the company.

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