Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Chill, Select City Mall, Saket, New Delhi

I have heard a lot of good things about Big Chill and obviously that's where I wanted to eat while I was in Delhi over a weekend.

This outlet of Big Chill is built over two floors.  While the ground floor is narrower and has no seating area,  the first floor seats guests and usually has waiting.  

The ground floor houses the kitchen and displays the baked delicacies one can order!  The interiors are done up in warm wood colour and jazzed up by movie payers and hand written menu on a blackboard!

We didn't wanna wait and hence settled for the first available place - seating space on the ground floor built under the escalator!  This compact space has 4 tables and offers little privacy,  but then again we didn't want any privacy! 

The staff is quick in handing out the huge card board menu cards, partly out of the hospitality they offer or mostly out of ensuring quick service and hence faster turn around time at the table!  What ever the reasons,  we were happy!

Armed with the menu card began the tough task of what to order! While one is spoilt for choice (appetizers, pizza,  pasta,  mains,  shakes,  smoothies,  coffees), the illustrations of old English movies make it harder to concentrate on deciding the order!  Hence we asked for recommendations and were surprised at the puzzled look on our waiters face!  He made a good recommendation for a sundae (chocolate,  coffee and fudge combo - about INR 250).  Other two things (irish coffee INR 180 and Chicken in red wine served with pasta and bread INR 470) we ordered on our own.

The drinks came by quickly.  The irish coffee was served in a cappuccino cup instead of the tall glass serving we expected and the taste was quite forgettable!  The sundae was a stark contrast! It looked amazing,  the portion was huge and it was sinful!  Definitely to be shared with someone if you hope to have stomach space to sample other food!

They served us the Chicken halfway way through our drinks and conversation.  The chicken was yum, the gravy was brown and the wine and mushrooms gave it a balanced yet rich flavor!  The pasta they served with it was barely luke warm and lumpy, bread complimented the gravy better.

The staff was sweet enough to let us sit for a good 15 minutes post finishing our food and paying the bill.  They even clicked pictures for us!

The above mentioned prices are approximates only and taxes are levied over and above them! I don't even know the overall damages as my friend was sweet enough to treat me!

Overall I do think the place is a bit over-rated but if you have a sweet tooth this is where you should head!  (*drools over memory of a gorgeous looking blueberry cheese cake at the counter! )


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