Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A revisit to Kalaghoda Cafe

Well well a thumbs up to Kalaghoda Cafe for consistently delivering fresh food with robust flavours.

- The Belgian hot chocolate was sinful
- Parnesan tomato pesto sandwich was rich in flavour
Tomato and Parmesan goodness

- Scrambled eggs and omelette were good too
Good old scrambled eggs

- We also tasted a lemon mint drink which was surprising subtle in flavor,  yet packed punch.  
a Minty-Lemony drink - very refreshing

Despite all the good stuff i have spoken about, every place needs a little tweaking with the menu to keep a regular interested and this cafe is no different.

(Damages for the meal were about 270 per person)

The cafe also plays a huge role in helping artists advertise their shows and events,   photographers showcase their photos as  installations on the cafĂ© walls and encouraging cycling in Mumbai by offering free coffee to cyclists on Sundays.

Belgian hot chocolate with a cause

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the hot chocolate decorated with "save water", a good way to support a Noble cause!

However, what truly made my re-visit perfect was free wifi and a chance to download upgrade for apps!  Cheers!
Making the most of free wi-f9

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