Monday, February 22, 2010

Goa-Portuguesa /Cultural Curry

Often my aunty recounts her growing up years in and around Dadar and Mahim. Most of the times its fun to hear about the changes the two places have undergone. However, the outright interesting accounts center around some hotel that has been there, serving generations of families, yet continuing to create smiles, both on the lips and in the belly!

Goa Portuguesa is one such place.

Adjectives like loud, flashy and cramped best suit this Mahim restaurant. However do not conclude that the place is not worth it and hence you should stop reading this review. Rather, it is the contrary.

So I'm assuming you're reading further right? Ofcourse, if flashy and cramped can be good, then this place has some magic right?


It's the food! The flavours of Goa are beautifully recreated in their curries. The spreads of appetizers, main course, accompaniments and desserts are plenty. You can widen your choices by ordering from Dive Maharashtra or Cultural Curry which are all part of this killing set-up by Mr & Mrs. Awchat (if you leave aside the shameless self-promotion via the cookery book, framed photos and self-praise magazine).

This small place serves up a stunning menu, but is slow when it comes to service. The waiters are well versed with the offerings and their suggestions are spot on! I especially loved the Ajwain Fish, apart from the round, fluffy appams that were the backbone for the curried meat!

The guitarist-cum-singer is a nice touch especially when he sings your recommendation while your order is being executed in the kitchen. However once this place gets packed, and the hot food gets served, the same gets annoying, even seeming too loud! So, the point is go here if you're noise-savy or miss a scrumptious spread as they do not deliver (No they do not even take orders on the phone if you tell them you'd go and collect it!)

The prices are on the higher side and 'apparently' they give discounts for Maharashtrians (MNS lovers!), but you have to ask and we did not and they conveniently skipped the same.

Go here to get your taste buds fired up and your wallet lightened!


Vistrit said...

Deepa n Suhas Awchat?! socialites!:P! same place where u once spotted Satyam?!

Preeti Datar said...

Errr.....must be the same socialite people :P
Yep, same Satyam spotting place, it was his birthday I think! :)


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