Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Launched by ParleAgro to compete with Pepsi's Nimbooz, LMN, the lemony soft drink is marketed with a tag-line 'Emergency lemon Refresher'. Promoted through a funny commercial (see here) which will keep you glued, and modestly priced at Rs. 20/-, this drink is not your 'essential lemon drink'. It is, as the tagline says, a quick-fix.

I had my DEHYDRATION EMERGENCY while shopping in Colaba. There were plenty of options, but I wanted only LMN! I searched, I searched, clarifying the name to several shop-keepers. But only one of them had heard of LMN, as compared to Nimbooz, which mind you, every other shop-keeper offered me.

The only reason I can think of is because the drinks are marketed differently, while Nimbooz is your essential doze of lemon, LMN is only a small respite. Further, LMN entered the market almost a month after Nimbooz. Perhaps, that can explain the lack of LMN awareness and

That was a month back. Today I spot LMN everywhere!

I'm not a fan of lemon, especially not things that are strongly lemony. LMN is so not that and that's why I like it. The taste is subtly lemony, the soda is toned down, so is the sugar. It is the tastiest dehydrater (after water). Incidentally, it has no articifial flavours and is packed with Vitamin C (errr.....won't that mean it's artificial? :S) and that shall please the health conscious Indians.

Sadly, Nimbooz seems to have caught on and LMN lacks behind, despite a superier advertising and packaging. I hold this view after seeing the LMN aversion among my friends and family, though the actually statistics may be otherwise.

If you haven't tried LMN yet, you're missing a nice drink. Also, if you're a teacher in the Kindergarden, you could hand a kid who can recite "A-B-C-D...." beyond "LMN" a free bottle of LMN! The kid will be pleased, it is my gurantee for I trust my taste buds :)

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Hemal Shah said...

Preeti, first of all thanks for commenting on my blog. But after reading your blog i am wondering few aspects of LMN. You said that it has soda? There was no soda when i tried it. Second comes packaging. I find Nimbooz better packed than LMN. The advertisment is a non sense fiction which is better than that of Nimbooz but lacks finesse. It is well known that we all might have different tastes and our taste buds are to be blamed :)


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