Monday, December 15, 2008

Sheesha - Smoky and Delicious

An unplanned dinner at a smoky and delicious place like Sheesha is always pleasurable. I'd heard a lot about Sheesha and the flavored hookhas there, but I had never dined there partly because I am not too keen on trying out hookah and also due to lack of interesting company. I had the former on the second sunday of December.

I and my poetry friend Vikash chanced upon the opportunity to dine together and ended up at Sheesha.

(In the photo: Vikash, chillings out and checking out two dumb girls at Sheesha!)

It is one of his favourite restraunt and he was more than happy to treat me there. We walked on to the roof-top on the second floor of Huma-Adlabs, Kanjurmarg, to be greeted with nice music, soft murmurings of the diners and the occasional rise of the hookah.

The decor was ethnic, yet chic. I particularly liked the seating space and it made me cross my legs, in true Indian style, and feel at home. The shells and beads danglers added a nice glamour, along with sepearting the tables.

We both were starving and started our meal with a chicken soup. For starters we ordered one plate of chicken pankhuri kabab. The soup was hot and tasteful. The kabab was served on a sizzling plate. The kabab melted in the mouth and it sent the both of us yo Cloud No. 9. We immediately ordered another plate of the same for the kebab was truly lip smacking, with the tender chicken, the spicy coating and the varied chitney and salad it was served with.

We were not too keen on eating the maincourse, but the Chicken curry and tandoori roti, both cooked to perfection, altered our hunger. We were so full and delighted with our meal that we mutually said no to dessert...until we saw the bunch of guys on the neighbouring table relishing the sinful chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. How could we stick to our mutual decision...afterall decisions are meant to altered, especially when the outcome is so sweet and chocolaty.

(In the photo: Sweet Sin!)

The brownie was small. So was the vanilla scoop on it which was laced with chocolate sauce trims. But what set it apart and elevated its status was that the bownie was served on a sizzling plate and in a pool of chocolate sauce. It truly left us with the ring of the "hmmmm...." from our very own mouths!

Overall, the meal was superb! The main-course can be improved. But the kebabs make up for it. The place has very few options for vegetarians, so non-vegetarians eat on!! It is slightly expensive on the pocket, but hey, you don't just pay for the food, the ambience also counts!

(In the photo: Me and Sheesha)

I'm certainly going back there. And this time...maybe I'll try a flavored hookah.

Drinks: Not tried
Ambiance: 7/10 (the smoke was annoying)
Affordability: 6/10 (go with a full wallet)
Food: 9/10

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